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Create a Variety of Looks

with Our Decorative Bark Products

Create beautiful landscapes with decorative bark products, peat moss, and wood shavings from Coast Landscape and Nursery Supply in Escondido, California. As a landscape material broker, we offer landscaping products to landscapers and nurseries throughout Southern California. Contact us today for details.

Wood Products, Wood Shavings in Escondido , CA

Landscaping Materials:
Decorative Bark Products–This bark varies in size, color, and shape and comes from 5 products, including redwood and fir trees. Great for decorating, it is also used to control weeds in flowerbeds, around trees, and in decorative areas.

Peat Moss–Imported from Canada, this is used for potting soils and planting mixes and is actually decomposing plant vegetation that grows in certain areas of the woods and wetlands. Usually used as a 100% natural organic soil conditioner, it also protects soils from compacting and improves water retention.

Wood Shavings and Sawdust–Our redwood and fir shavings and sawdust is used for potting, planting, and soil.

Playground Wood Chips–These are certified so that they are safe for schools and playgrounds, ensuring that kids can play on them without getting hurt.

Gorilla Hair–This is shredded redwood bark that is used for controlling erosion on slopes and for mulching around native plants.

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